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Color Finesse 3.0.14 Update Now Available

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We've released an update to Color Finesse, adding support for Adobe CC 2015 and resolving a number of issues, including:

  • Fixed an issue where the full UI could not be launched if more than one adjustment layer had Color Finesse applied (Mac/Win).
  • Expressions affecting Color Finesse parameters were not always updating the Color Finesse controls (Mac/Win).
  • Right-click contextual menus for the hue wheels and curves within the Simplified UI were not displaying in the correct location (Mac).
  • Installers updated to support Adobe CC 2015 (Mac/Win).

This update also incorporates the following fixes, previously only available in the software bundled with Adobe After Effects CC 2014:

  • Fixed issue with presets not loading into Gallery (Mac).
  • Fix issue that was causing Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) to de-schedule Color Finesse, causing hang of both the Color Finesse UI and After Effects (Mac).
  • Ensure that reference images can be saved, even if the default folder (My Documents) is missing (Win).

You can download the latest installer an update your system using your current Color Finesse 3 serial number.

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