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Synthetic Aperture Products and QuickTime for Windows

color finesse security test gear

QuickTime for Windows has been in the news since the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued Alert TA16105-A, which recommends Windows users uninstall Apple QuickTime 7 for Windows from their computers. This is due to known security issues and Apple's decision to not address them.
Since some of our products make use of QuickTime for Windows, we wanted to address any concerns you might have.

Color Finesse 3

Color Finesse 3 for Windows makes use of QuickTime for Windows for some user interface processing, thus requires that the QuickTime for Windows “Essentials” be installed. Because Color Finesse uses QuickTime for UI functions only, and not for display of QuickTime movie files, it is not vulnerable to maliciously crafted movies, one of the security concerns. Color Finesse also does not use the QuickTime for Windows player application or plug-ins, and is therefore not vulnerable to security issues there.
For these reasons, we believe it is still safe to install the QuickTime for Windows “Essentials” using the latest QuickTime installer from Apple for use with Color Finesse.
We are currently working on a new version of Color Finesse which will remove the requirement for QuickTime for Windows. We do not have a date for the new version's availability at this time.

Test Gear 2.5

Test Gear 2.5 does not use QuickTime for Windows. Some earlier Test Gear installers demanded that QuickTime be installed anyway, but that requirement has been removed from the current Test Gear installers.

Installing QuickTime for Windows “Essentials”

To install only the QuickTime "Essentials" components required by Color Finesse 3, without the problematic Player and web plug-ins, do the following:
  • Start by uninstalling QuickTime for Windows following Apple's instructions. This will ensure that the QuickTime Player application and QuickTime browser plug-ins are removed from your system.
  • Download the latest QuickTime for Windows from Apple's site. Be sure to get version 7.7.9 or later.
  • Run the installer.
  • Click Custom setup.
  • Now deselect everything except "QuickTime Essentials."
  • Click Next, then click Install.


Note that all of the above only applies to QuickTime 7 for Windows. As of this writing, Apple is still creating security updates for QuickTime on the Mac, but the upcoming version of Color Finesse mentioned above will remove the QuickTime dependency on the Mac as well.
We currently believe that installing the QuickTime 7 for Windows “Essentials” for use with Color Finesse 3 does not present a security concern. However, we will be monitoring the security issues surrounding QuickTime and will respond appropriately to any changes.

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