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Color Finesse is Not Compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15)

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As you may be aware, Apple plans to release macOS Catalina (10.15) in October 2019, an optional upgrade to their operating system. It’s important to note that Catalina is not compatible with 32-bit software (including QuickTime) which will not run on it.While the Color Finesse plug-in itself is 64-bit, the full UI is not, meaning that Color Finesse will not work on systems using Catalina as their operating system.If you rely on Color Finesse in your workflow, you should not migrate to Catalina.There is currently no schedule for any Catalina-related updates to Color Finesse.Windows users are unaffected by this issue....

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Privacy Policy Updated


We've updated our Privacy Policy to make sure we provide information around the rights individuals have under the GDPR, and to provide more details around our processing of personal data.

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Test Gear 2.5.6 Update for CC 2018.2 Now Available

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We've released an update to Test Gear as version 2.5.6, resolving an issue which occurred in After Effects CC 2018.2. This issue would prevent After Effects from launching, showing an error message about a library being unavailable. There is no change in functionality with this update, but it now loads properly in AE CC 2018.2. You can download the latest installer and update your system using your current Test Gear 2.5 serial number.

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Color Finesse 3.1.0 Update Now Available

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We've released an update to Color Finesse as version 3.1.0, resolving a number of issues, including: Fixed an issue where attempting to save a reference image in the full UI could potentially crash or force you to quit the UI (Mac). Fixed an unrelated issue that would prevent saving of reference images on some systems (Win). You can download the latest installer an update your system using your current Color Finesse 3 serial number.

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Installers Updated for Adobe CC 2017

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We've updated the Color Finesse and Test Gear installers to recognize Adobe CC 2017. You can now install and use our products with the latest software from Adobe.

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