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Test Gear 2.5.5 Update for Mac Now Available

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We've released an update to Test Gear as version 2.5.5, resolving an issue with After Effects 2015.3 on the Mac. This update resolves a crashing issue when launching the Test Gear Color Picker. This only occurred on Mac systems; no update to the Windows version of Test Gear is needed. You can download the latest installer and update your system using your current Test Gear 2.5 serial number.

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Color Finesse 3.0.15 Update Now Available

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We've released an update to Color Finesse as version 3.0.15, adding support for Adobe CC 2015.3 and resolving a number of issues, including: Fixed a crashing issue when using the Simplified UI within Premiere Pro (Mac/Win). Fixed a cosmetic issue with the buttons within the Simplified UI within Premiere Pro (Mac/Win). Fixed a possible crashing issue when attempting to select a video preview device which as been disconnected (Mac). Installers updated to support Adobe CC 2015.3 (Mac/Win). You can download the latest installer an update your system using your current Color Finesse 3 serial number.

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Synthetic Aperture Products and QuickTime for Windows

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QuickTime for Windows has been in the news since the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued Alert TA16105-A, which recommends Windows users uninstall Apple QuickTime 7 for Windows from their computers. This is due to known security issues and Apple's decision to not address them. Since some of our products make use of QuickTime for Windows, we wanted to address any concerns you might have. Color Finesse 3 Color Finesse 3 for Windows makes use of QuickTime for Windows for some user interface processing, thus requires that the QuickTime for Windows “Essentials” be installed. Because Color Finesse uses QuickTime for UI...

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Test Gear Installers Updated for After Effects CC 2015.3

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We've updated the installers for Test Gear 2.5.4 for compatibility with Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3. The Test Gear plug-in itself remains at version 2.5.4 so it's not necessary to download these updated installers unless you're installing Test Gear into the new After Effects CC 2015.3 release. The updated installers simply now know about the location of AE 2015.3.

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Celebrating Our Twentieth Anniversary


When we started Synthetic Aperture back in 1996, we didn't give much thought to whether or not we'd still be at it 20 years later, but here we are! Twenty years ago it was a major accomplishment just to work with standard definition video with the 20 MHz computers of the era. We set as our company mission building tools that would optimize the video and motion graphics work being produced by artists using affordable hardware. "Helping make your work look its best" as our tag line says. We produced our first product, Video Finesse, to allow color correction and monitoring (waveform monitor,...

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