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Download Current Software

For Macintosh For Windows
Color Finesse 3 PI Download v3.1.0 (for AE and Premiere Pro)
Download v3.0.10 (for Final Cut Pro 7)
Download v3.1.0
Color Finesse 3 LE Download v3.1.0 (for AE CS5-CC2018)
Download v3.1.0 (for AE 7.0-CS4)
Download v3.1.0
Test Gear 2.5 Download v2.5.6 Download v2.5.6
Colorociter CS-1 USB Support Download

All installers have been updated for compatibility with Adobe CC 2018.2.

These product work as a trial version prior to being serialized. Trial versions add a watermark on your project and may expire after a fixed trial period. At any time you can purchase a serial number from our on-line store, re-run the installer, and enter your serial number to activate the product.

Looking for older versions of our products? Most are available on our Legacy Software page.