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Download Current Software

For Macintosh For Windows
Color Finesse 3 PI Download v3.1.0 Download v3.1.0
Color Finesse 3 LE Download v3.1.0 (for AE CS5-CC2018)
Download v3.1.0 (for AE 7.0-CS4)
Download v3.1.0
Test Gear 2.5 Download v2.5.6 Download v2.5.6
Colorociter CS-1 USB Support Download

All installers have been updated for compatibility with Adobe CC 2020.

These product work as a trial version prior to being serialized. Trial versions add a watermark on your project and may expire after a fixed trial period. At any time you can purchase a serial number from our on-line store, re-run the installer, and enter your serial number to activate the product.

Looking for older versions of our products? Most are available on our Legacy Software page.

Macintosh users should review this Important Notice for Macintosh Color Finesse Users.