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Recommended Reading

We're often asked for source of additional information on color correction, video measurement, compositing, video technology, and color theory. We've collected a list of books that we've found useful and have made it easy to order them from Just click on any of the cover images.

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Books on Color Correction

The following books cover color correction for video and film. They cover general color correction techniques, as well as specific examples of using Color Finesse and other color correction tools.

Video Measurement and Video Technology

The more you know about video, the better you'll be able to exploit its strengths and avoid its weaknesses. These books cover the fundamentals without requiring you to have an engineering degree. (The Charles Poynton book is quite advanced, but is considered a standard reference.)

The Peter Hodges book An Introduction to Video and Audio Measurement is an excellent companion to our Test Gear product, as it covers the use of waveform monitors and vectorscopes in a practical but detailed fashion.

Compositing, Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop

These books cover general compositing techniques, as well as the specifics of using After Effects and Photoshop.

The Steve Wright book Digital Compositing for Film and Video is a great reference on using the Slice Tool, which is part of our Test Gear product.

Digital Cinema

These books cover the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) for high-end digital projection and the color correction and mastering tasks associated with it.